Intruder Alarm systems

Monitoring service

We also provide monitoring services such as key holder response or via our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) 24/7 all year round.

You can decide whether you want your Alarm to be monitored even after you have your Alarm System fully installed.

Maintenance service

We are happy to provide cost effective maintenance service on your existing or newly fitted Alarm system.

There are commonly two types of intruder alarm systems Wired Alarm system and Wireless Alarm system.

Wired Alarm system

Wired Alarms system use traditional wire (e.g. Telephone wire), and the whole alarm system is wired in an alarm rated wire.

Wireless Alarm system

If you do not want wires and want to keep things tidy then the answer is Wireless System for you. The Whole System works wirelessly.

If you need any help in assessing your existing Intruder Alarm System or to buy a new one please don't hesitate to contact us.